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I could not have found a more professional and compassionate attorney. Not only was this ticket outside of the territory where she primarily practices, but also she was representing a client [me] originally from out of state. She remained in constant contact with me throughout the entirety of the process and for something as seemingly as mundane as a speeding ticket displayed an obvious sincere empathy to a man she never formally had the chance to meet. The entire course of events went almost verbatim as she explained they would progress. A suitable outcome (from both our perspectives) was reached and a reduction of charges was issued by the court. I cannot thank Katherine enough for her professionalism, integrity and reliability. Should I ever have the misfortune to need a lawyer again I will have no hesitation dialing Katherine's number.

- Michael B 

My case was the first appeal case MS. Crouch worked in her career. After diligently working my case she continued to work with me never my side even after she fulfilled the requirements of her contract. Many attorneys say they care to gain clients, Ms. Crouch said she cared and continued to care through her work and performance.

- Greg R 

I've engaged Katherine on several general legal matters and have always found her very thoughful and engaging. Having worked with big firms on many occasions, her approach to the law is very refreshing. I would highly suggest personalized and thoughtful legal counsel (and who doesn't?!)

- Trent D. 

Katherine Crouch is an excellent and professional lawyer. She helped me write a few contracts for my business and did an excellent job. She is easy to talk to, kind, empathetic and thorough. She has incredible attention to detail and helped keep me on track with the professionalism and legalities of my business. I would hire her again for any legal work that I need.

- Rebecca P. 

My experience at Crouch Law LLC was a very pleasant, professional and weight lifting experience. During this time of l, trying to conduct family business, I had no clue of what needed to happen, but the professionalism of Crouch LLC make my experience a very easy and care giving experience. One that I will always remember. We were treated with such respect and patience. She can always count on me for a referral and testimony because my experience there was pleasant and painless. I will forever be grateful to the services she provided for me and my family.

- Darryl H. 

I'm very satisfied. Will definitely be giving Ms. Crouch some more work, and highly recommend to anybody who wants an attorney who seems to actually care. Kudos to Ms. Crouch.

- Rodger B. 

One of the best around. Communication and easily accessible. The best I’ve ever worked with.

- Jay J. 

Thanks for the court WIN! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miss. Crouch.

- Tucker M. 

I appreciate everything. She makes magic happen. Thanks. 

- Francis B. 

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